Zhejiang AMP International Co., Ltd.

About us

     Zhejiang AMP International Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhejiang AMP Incorporation, was established in May 2003. It specializes in the trading and distribution of high-end fertilizers with a registered capital of RMB140 million. Over the years, in order to better cover both the domestic and the international markets, the company came to set up more than 10 branches and business liaison offices at major fertilizer ports and border cities across the country, enhancing the logistic advantage for the distribution of products in more than 20 provinces. We are an integrated enterprise which operate trade of fertilizer, chemical raw material and other bulk resources, expand the business of new fertilizer and work hard at capital investment. In 2011, the company achieved a sales turnover of RMB 4 billion, ranking as one of the top among the fertilizer distribution enterprises of the industry.
    At the same time, the company was able to set up and maintain excellent  business relationship and cooperation with many fertilizer producers/suppliers and trading companies, such as ICL of Israel,BPC of Belarus, Transammonia of USA and Fertisul at the international frontier.And Sdic Xinjiang Luobupo, Sino-agri,Sinochem, Yuntianhua and Yihua in the domestic arena.
     In the China market, we are one of the major distributors of ICL's Muriate of Potash; the biggest distributor of Russian potassium sulfate; the core distributor of SDIC Luobupo’s potassium sulfate in Eastern China; the strategic partner of ICL’s fully soluble fertilizer.
    In 2012 as the exclusive dealer in specialized areas, we gained authorization from AAT and Everris to sell Yiduobao control release fertilizer and Everris Yileshi control release fertilizer.
    The main business of us is chemical fertilizer and chemical raw materials trading, it meets the demand of agricultural modernization through developing technological diffusion and product distribution of hi-tech fertilizer . Relying on the investment strategy of Zhejiang AMP Incorporation , it has participated in capital operation in terms of interest、industry、fund and financial services.
     Our business philosophy is "excellent enterprise + quality products + quality service". In the light of Honesty, Cooperation and Mutual benefit, we take pride in   creating and maintaining stable supply channels and enhancing improved business results and sustainable development for our customers.  We also take it as our mission to work in a way so that our distributors are satisfied with the operations of the company, the farmers have confident in our products and agronomical services will always follow after the sales. It is only when we achieve all the above, our value will be realized and our brand name fully recognized.