Zhejiang AMP International Co., Ltd.


The friends form Agrium Inc. visited our company

Recently Mr. Waterman (Agrium Inc. senior vice president) and Mr. Mittag (Agrium Inc. senior vice president & AAT operation president) visited Zhejiang AMP headquarter in Hangzhou and met Mr. Yuan (Chairman of Zhejiang AMP International Co.Ltd)and Mr. Cao (Chairman of Zhejiang AMP International Co.Ltd). The meeting was mainly about process of Yiduobao control release fertilizer.

At the beginning of the meeting ,Mr. Cao represented AMP to welcome guests from Agrium Inc. & AAT. Later, Mr. Cao introduced achievements made by AMP group through 60 years and Zhejiang AMP International Co. Ltd’s development.

Mr. Hong (Vice president of AMP International Co. Ltd) reported the process condition of Yiduobao and explained the product market strategy in South-east China market.

Mr. Waterman introduced the history & development of Agrium Inc. for AMP staff. He emphasized that China is an important market for Agrium Inc. Next, Mr. Mittag introduced AAT’s research on fertilizers and achievement of marketing. He agreed AMP’s business aim which is helping farmers increase yield quantity & crop quality and thus creating social benefits.

At last, Mr. Yuan believed that control release fertilizer has a bright future in the following years. He also believed that cooperation with Agrium Inc would be successful.

After meeting, Mr. Cao and Agrium Inc group visited Shaoxing Agriculture Resource and retail outlets at Taoyan, Dongguan and Sunduan.

Agrium Inc.is a major Retail supplier of agricultural products and services in North and South America, a leading global Wholesale producerand marketer of all three major agricultural nutrients.