Zhejiang AMP International Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang AMP Incorporation

        Zhejiang AMP Incorporation is located by the side of Qiantang River, which is well-known for its “most spectacular tide in the world”. It was established in 1952 as Zhejiang Agricultural Means Of Production Corporation and was restructured in 1999 as a share holding company with 49% held by the management and employees.  The registered capital of the company is ¥651 million (U.S.$100 million) , with 12 holding subsidiaries and 3201 employees.
        With “choice diversification by the group and business-oriented specialization by the subsidiaries” as its development strategy, the group holds onto the distribution of fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural films as its lifeblood; at the same time,  it spares no efforts to penetrate into other sectors of the economy so that our leading position in the district/industry is reinforced in the areas of   agricultural means of production, real estate, plastics and automobiles. In 2011, the sales of the group exceeded ¥ 27 billion (U.S.$ 4.28 billion);  total volume of import & export amounted to U.S.$ 355 million and total net profit reached ¥ 758 million( U.S.$ 120.3 million ). In the same period, we achieved sales of 4 million metric tons of fertilizers, 16,000 metric tons of pesticide and over 21,000 cars, all good indicators of our leading position in the industry.
        Development is the everlasting theme of the enterprise. The group will continue to reform the share structure so that the resources of the group could be optimized and the interest of the company and the individual employees maximized. We are aiming to become one of the most influential group companies in Eastern China by concentrating on the development of resources and construction of distribution networks, so that we can work together as an alliance with those strong and honest enterprises.